I'm Off and Running!

Welcome to my blog!

I have filled my first orders from crockpotmealsbyandrea, and I am already feeling really connected to what makes my heart sing. The idea that I can help remove stress AND add nutrition to people's lives is amazing.

I come from a history of heart disease and diabetes. It wasn't until I was in my mid-20's that I really realized the relationship between diet and these diseases. I'm not sure if I was too busy raising kids, or where my lack of awareness came from, but it existed. Like many of you, I grew up cooking and eating just like my mom had, not ever questioning that those eating and cooking habits would lead me to the same eventual health dilemma my predecessors faced. Slowly but surely I started to get curious and I started to research. I played around with many diets through the years and learned a lot about myself, my reasons for eating, how the body processes food and nutrients and most importantly the role our brains plays in all of that.

One thing that all the diets, experts and studies agree on is that processed food, rather our high consumption of it plays a very large role in a lot of diseases, weight gain and health problems. I thought about that a lot. Most of us know it isn't good for us, and yet we all indulge more than we should, why? Convenience! Lives are busier than ever. Everyone is trying to do all the things! People are working longer hours, kids are in more activities - this leads to more last minute food choices. The correlation is clear. And lots of people DON'T LIKE COOKING! It's just another form of work - well,........ enter me!!

I started making these meals for my own grown kids to try and get some more nutritious/home cooked meals into their rotation. I could not believe how satisfying it was for all of us. They felt better about what they were eating, they liked having the meals cooking in their own house and smelling everything up, and I was happy they ate real food. I started thinking that there were lots of other people out there like my kids who either don't really know how to cook, don't like to cook, or don't have time to cook that my meals would be great for. So was born! I hope it brings nutrition and satisfaction to your life while removing stress.

So stay tuned, I have a keen interest in all things nutrition and health and love to share my findings. I'm a glass half full kind of girl and I look forward to sharing my helping through cooking adventure with you.

Feel free to comment below, what things do you wonder about? What would help you develop more healthy habits? Maybe we can brain storm together😊

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